Watsonville, California – Leaning In

Last year, when the folks in Watsonville, California, went to the polls, they got to cast a vote for their future.  At stake: a tax increase. The additional funds (a half cent sales tax) were to be spent on the community. Funds to improve, enhance, and develop.  City leaders were advised to not even put it on the ballot. It will never pass, they were … Continue reading Watsonville, California – Leaning In

Pacifica, California – Spectacular Sights

It’s beautiful here.  Like stunningly, awe-inspiring, take-your-breath-away beautiful.  There are forested hills, rocky bluffs, picturesque valleys, hiking trails, sandy beaches, and spectacular ocean views.  Pacifica, California, is rugged and majestic. It’s also serene and peaceful.  In 1957, a newly incorporated coastal city formed in San Mateo County, uniting all of the smaller communities in the San Francisco Bay area– from Sweeney Ridge to the east … Continue reading Pacifica, California – Spectacular Sights