About Us

Our WHY: The City and Commerce Core Four
With over 61 years of experience teaching, the CORE Four behind City & Commerce Magazine continue to educate those turning to them for information in all they do.

Helping people is in our DNA.

We have expanded our reach over the past two years by telling stories of yesterday and today via our YouTube channels: Recollection Road, Memory Mountain, and Shore Me Some More. With over 250,000 subscribers and approaching 3.75 million hours of watch time across our family of channels, we’ve honed in on our passion.

City & Commerce Magazine focuses on telling the success stories of cities and the businesses doing commerce in them today.

People are changing the world for the better every day. Our goal is to help tell their stories. 

Recollection Road and Memory Mountain slow down time to focus on telling stories of the past. Shore Me Some More focuses on educating its audience on the things to see and do in different places around North America.

City & Commerce Magazine combines those elements by sharing about what has happened in the past and where cities and businesses see themselves going in the future.